Nancy Wehnert


What is this ...

A program based on a ground-breaking theory and framework on human behaviour and what it takes to truly thrive.

Why does it work ...

When our needs are met at the deepest level in an intense way by another human, we can un-do our conditioning and heal our wounds.
Nancy Wehnert


I'm Nancy

Life Coach &  MENTOR

I spent almost three decades 'working' on myself and still didn't have the life I wanted.

Despite what looked like a successful life on paper, I usually felt empty and alone and was often in a lot of psychological pain. I was over-working myself in my business and using food and alcohol to numb out. My fawn response kept me trapped and unable to express myself authentically. After years of therapy, various healing modalities, retreats, reading books and following the latest self-help advice, I was still struggling. What’s wrong with me, I wondered? Why isn’t it working?

For a while things felt better as I signed up for coach certification and was welcomed into the coaching community. I was sold the dream of a rewarding life and building a successful coaching business of my own. Partway through being in the coaching world, I also discovered trauma and somatic work, I learnt about the nervous system and I went deep into manifestation practices and how to change my reality by changing my thoughts. After four years I found myself alone with no business and no money. It was the train crash of my life.

After four years I found myself alone with no business and no money. It was the train crash of my life.

About three and a half years into my coaching journey, I met with my colleague and former client, Dr. Caroline French. Caroline had a theory around how our unmet needs were the cause of many of our problems. This prompted an incredible aha moment for me and I began quickly understanding what was had been missing in my personal growth journey.
From this point on, we worked tirelessly and consistently on this theory and developed a framework around it. We continued to develop the theory over 12 months and during this time, as we applied what we learnt to ourselves, we both experienced extreme levels of empowerment that we’d never had before. We felt in control of our lives and finally began taking the action we’d always wanted to. Decisions became clear and were easier to make. Unhealthy relationships ended, enriching relationships were established, self-sabotaging behaviour came to an end. We had a clear focus on our priorities and followed through on them. We began un-doing our fawn response, we spoke up for ourselves and we each began building a solid sense of self.
We now both feel a genuine level of contentment and satisfaction that is neither temporary or superficial as it once used to be. Other clients experienced similar transformations and we continue to develop this theory everyday with encouragingly high, positive results.
This is a unique and powerful approach to addressing our behaviour by attending to our needs and reducing the needs gap. I invite you to learn more about how the theory, framework and coaching works either through booking a free call or downloading the free guide. The concept is easy to understand and will offer immediate clarity on your own personal situation.
nancy wehnert
This program places a priority on the ethical delivery of the entire program, from the marketing, to the free enquiry call, to the moment you take part in the program and beyond. Creating an environment of safety and meeting your needs is my highest concern. Read more about importance of having an established code of ethics for any coaching program here and download the free guide below to find out more.