Nancy Wehnert

Apply for 1:1 Coaching Program


Thank you for your interest in the 1:1 coaching program.

This is an intensive and immersive experience where together, we will identify your unmet needs and create an environment where you will begin to have your social needs met, start healing the wound and closing your needs gap.
What you can expect as a result of this process is:
  • meeting your needs in a healthy, sustainable and enriching way
  • making empowered decisions that come from safety-based thinking rather than survival-based thinking
  • un-doing the fawn response and people-pleasing tendencies
  • developing deeper connections in the important relationships in your life
  • taking healthy action to close the needs gap
  • dissolving your wound management strategies
  • un-doing old blueprints and conditioning
  • real progress in your personal development journey
Book your free call to find out more about program and to ask any questions you have.
I also recommend signing up for the free guide so you have a better understanding of the theory and program which can help you make a more informed decision.
I look forward to meeting with you.


When you book a free call, there will be no ‘selling’ at the end of the call or any aggressive ‘over-coming of objections’. Nor is there pressure to ‘hurry and make a decision’. These tactics induce a needs gap and also put us into survival which is an unethical position from which to sign and accept a client.

The unique design and delivery of this program is fully supported by the theory and framework. This is an intensive, immersive, private and personalised experience.