Are you trying to get somewhere? Somewhere better? Be a better person, do more, achieve more, have more, act better, be smarter, be richer, get to that version of yourself that you always wanted to be?

You think that one day, finally, it will happen. You’ll get there and everything will be marvelous.

And every day when you’re not there, you’re beating yourself up that you should be, nothing is quite good enough. It could all be done better.

But there could be a big step that you are unknowingly avoiding.

I love the analogy of the caterpillar turning into the butterfly. We see ourselves as the caterpillar and want to jump straight into being the butterfly. But we forget, there is an important step in between. In the cocoon, the caterpillar breaks down into goop. A liquid. A soup. It must do this so that it may rebuild itself as the butterfly.

This is the transition point, when you start to become your future self. It’s the hard work. It’s where you are the caterpillar in the pod. You have to melt yourself down to a moosh, to a soup, to a liquid. You are all the pieces swimming together. And it’s only in the deconstruction that you can then put them together however you want to.

There is pain in the deconstruction and work in the rebuilding. There is effort. Energy is required. And concentration. And commitment.

But it’s so worth it. And it will all work out fine, the resultant product will be magnificent.

Can you see that it WILL be fine?

That you will get there?

That even along the way as you are building and you have exhausting days and you have difficult days of working out which piece goes where and you put a piece in the wrong place and then have to take it out and re-do the work again so it’s in the right place, it all will end up being the beautiful result that it is meant to be. This IS the work. Being in the goop, swimming in caterpillar soup is where the transformation begins to happen.

Do not rush to be the butterfly thinking it will be ‘The Answer’ because as soon as you create that butterfly, you will do it all again. And again. You will create a new butterfly, with bigger wings, each time.

And give yourself some credit. How many butterflies do you already have under your belt? How many times have you transformed already?

Each time a journey, each time a magnificent result, each time immense growth, each time a bigger life.

This is what is available to you now. What has always been available to you.

Do not be afraid of it. Deconstruct. Swim in your caterpillar soup, bask in it even and you will surely become the butterfly.