Don’t disown the parts of you that you don’t like. They are what make you whole.

Do you dislike certain parts of yourself? Are there aspects of your personality or your body that you try and hide from others – and yourself?

Sometimes you think, if only I could change this about myself, then I would be ok.

And we really believe this is true, that we’re never going to be acceptable as long as we stay this way. But see what a hurtful way this is to think about yourself? There is no kindness there with thoughts like these.

The catch is that you’re never going to be happy with yourself as long as you continue to think in this way. Even if you can change those ‘offending’ pieces, you will remain in a state of dislike for yourself. This is because it’s your thoughts about your butt or thighs that determine how you feel about yourself and not your butt or thighs that create your thoughts about yourself.

You are whole to begin with – whether you like it or not.

When you reject pieces of yourself it’s so painful because they are actually part of you.

That’s why life feels so awful sometimes.

Because if you are whole and you are rejecting parts of yourself, it’s painful because they are embedded in you, not even embedded but you consist of them.

Imagine cutting off your finger.

How can you decide to cut out a chunk of your skin on your ribs because it’s the ‘bad’ part of you?

Or how could you try and destroy an arm because of what it represents, or what you believe it represents (some shitty part of your personality).

Part of the deep intense pain you feel when you think about yourself and believe you’re not acceptable comes from wanting to remove these part of you.

If you don’t see that they are pieces of your whole, it’s going to feel so intensely painful all the time, because you are walking around with them, rejecting them, trying to cut them off.

As soon as you accept them, everything settles down.

Imagine detesting certain pieces and then trying to live like that. It’s what many of us do.

You can never feel whole because you are trying to remove and disown your own pieces.

Embrace all of your pieces ❤️