Unlock Your Leadership Potential: From a Walk to a Gallop


Are you ready to elevate your leadership skills to new heights? 


In today’s ever-changing world, traditional leadership methods no longer suffice. It’s time to embrace a fresh approach that empowers you to become an exceptional leader, inspiring your team like never before. No riding experience required. 


Introducing our exclusive 2-day leadership workshop for women – a transformative experience that will revolutionize the way you lead. Led by renowned leadership coach Nancy Wehnert and expert horse-riding instructor Chelsea Jarvis, this program is designed to tap into your true leadership potential utilising unique and effective techniques. 

What to Expect


1. Reinvent Your Leadership Paradigm: Say goodbye to outdated leadership methods and embrace leading-edge concepts that can be immediately implemented in your role. Learn how to navigate the diverse needs of individuals, boosting engagement and happiness levels within your organisation. 




2. Unearth Hidden Strengths: Discover untapped leadership qualities within yourself. Our workshop goes beyond superficial tips and tricks, providing you with the tools to create lasting change at a fundamental level. Unlock the leader within you to help reach your full potential. 




3. Hands-on Leadership Experience: Put your newfound knowledge into practice with our unforgettable horse-riding sessions at the picturesque Noosa Horse Riding. Horses have a unique ability to mirror your leadership style, offering immediate feedback that allows you to refine your skills in real-time. 



Join us for this exceptional leadership journey and emerge as a leader who leads with purpose, compassion, and genuine effectiveness. Spaces are limited, so secure your spot now!

The Details


Dates: Saturday 23rd & Sunday 24th September 2023

Time: 8.45am to 4.30pm

Where: Noosa Horse Riding, 22 Wills Road, Weyba Downs, QLD. 

What to wear/bring:

What’s included:

This program is ideal for individuals in leadership roles or aspiring to be in leadership roles and for business owners.


Cost: $1200 per person

Early bird price: $1050 per person when you register by 30th August 2023. 


All are welcome however in order to fully participate with the horses, there is a weight limit of 90kg and a requirement that you can mount and dismount a horse and stay on the horse without assistance. If we deem that you are not able to meet these criteria, you will be able to participate in the workshop from the ground.

Program Schedule


In this two-day workshop, you’ll walk away with a distinct roadmap for navigating challenging situations, you’ll gain an understanding on how to create psychological safety in the workplace and you’ll find your strength in communicating effectively. 



Intro Horse Session: When only having the instructions is not enough, unmounted.

Leadership Session 1: Learn a powerful new way to navigate through every situation with this one effective tool. 

Horse Session 1: Ridden session that challenges you to evaluate your mindset relative to your feelings to optimise your outcomes. 

Leadership Session 2: Discover this one critical piece of information that no one tells you about when you’re in a leadership role – but which impacts everything you and your team do. 

Horse Session 2a: Techniques to lower stress levels and get your mind back on track, unmounted. 

Horse Session 2b: Try bareback riding! Get ‘out of your head’ and take note of what’s happening in the NOW.



Leadership Session 3: Find out why communication goes so wrong so quickly and how you can instantly improve your own communication style and ability. 

Horse Session 3: Making yourself understood – In-hand work (unmounted) with horses to highlight the importance of clear communication and different methods to achieve this. 

Leadership Session 4: Put together everything you’ve learnt and apply it to your own real-life challenging situation in a way that will surprise you. 

Horse Session 4: Does addressing some issues at work make you uncomfortable and more emotional than you would like? Work on confrontation with a horse to hone your skills at communicating through tough issues (umounted). 

Horse Session 5: Trail ride! Enjoy the beauty of Lake Weyba and the Noosa Hinterland from the back of a horse while processing all you learnt throughout the weekend.

Time for 1:1 Coaching

Registrations are now closed.
To register your interest in the next event, please email:
P: +61 408 037 979

Terms and Conditions


Full refund less an administration fee of $50 if you cancel by midnight (AEST) 11th September 2023.

50% cancellation fee if you cancel by midnight (AEST) 18th September 2023.

No refund after 18th September 2023.

To cancel please email coaching@nancywehnert.com with your request to cancel.



NHR (Noosa Horse Riding) & NWC (Nancy Wehnert Coaching) reserve the right to continue or cancel bookings based on an assessment of the weather on the days of the workshop.

If NHR & NWC assess it is safe to ride, the workshop will continue to operate and no refunds will be given.

The workshop will only be cancelled if riding will be unable to occur for the majority of the workshop time, as determined by NHR & NWC.

If the workshop is cancelled due to bad weather, a full refund will be provided to all customers.

Please note that it may be raining where you are in Noosa, but this does not mean it is raining where we are.

Please pack a raincoat if it looks like showers are forecast for the local area.

If we plan on cancelling, we will contact you by phone to make arrangements.




All are welcome however to fully participate with the horses, there is a weight limit of 90kg and a requirement that you can mount and dismount a horse and stay on the horse without assistance.

If we deem that you are not able to meet these criteria, you will participate in the workshop from the ground.




You will be required to sign a riding waiver prior to commencement of the workshop.



The sole purpose of Nancy Wehnert Coaching and it’s coaching programs is to provide leadership coaching and educational materials.

We can’t guarantee your results or give professional/legal advice.

Your results will be completely dependent on your understanding of the material and your effort to apply it.