Can you say that about your life? Do you feel like you want to?

Entrepreneurs, if you want more, if you want something different.

Consider what is holding you back.

Because what are you escaping from?

It’s not work, it’s not your business, it’s not the situations you find yourself in.

It might appear to be those, but they’re not at the root of it.

There’s nothing in your way. Only you.

But it’s not your fault.

There’s a pile of conditioning keeping you stuck.

Your nervous system is mostly in survival.

And yet your True Self keeps you wanting more – wanting the fullest expression of yourself to come out – as it should.

What you want to escape from is the onslaught of mismanaged thinking going on in your mind and the fear in your body of executing a new possibility.

My coach likened our brains to a toddler with a knife.

I had a different experience. My brain wasn’t a toddler with a knife.

It was on a f*cking rampage, it was out of control.

A toddler with a knife sounds tame.

When you pay attention to and manage your thoughts, tend to your nervous system and tune in to your internal ‘True Self’ guidance, you escape.

You’re not tied to any life that doesn’t work for you.

You live bigger, you live bolder.

There is the choice and the possibility not to sequester this life away

There is the choice and decision to make the most of this. 

If life feels remotely like drudgery and you want more, consider escaping.

It’s possible.

Break free from your mold.

Set yourself free.