If you want more for your life and your business but you’re hesitating on taking action, just know that it can’t go wrong.

It can’t go wrong because you are creating and participating in your life.

When you actively participate in your life, when you choose to bring your particular flavour of expression to the world, whatever happens can never be ‘wrong’.


Because you are tapping into the unique essence that is You and here to be expressed.

Your reason for being here is to express this, in fact it’s required to be expressed and if you don’t already feel it, it is bursting to be expressed.

You are contributing to creation.

Doing this expands the universe and expands possibilities for yourself and others.

Create and participate in your life fully and you’ll soon understand that nothing you do can go wrong.

So where and why do we get stuck?

Firstly, you must tap into your essence and connect with what you’re really here to do. If you don’t, the actions you’re taking could feel wrong or hard because they are not fully aligned to You or You are not fully aligned to them.

Secondly, unravel all The Conditioning. The rules and expectations that you unconsciously follow of how you believe things should be are keeping you stuck. When you’re restrained by the confines of the ‘should’s’ in the world and its Conditions, it’s difficult to take new action.

Thirdly, your body. Your nervous system is here to protect you. Your body won’t support you doing anything you want to do differently that could suggest you’ll be outcast, such as going against The Conditions.

If you are wanting to create and participate in your life fully but something is holding you back, have another look at the above three elements and see which one is keeping you stuck.

Chances are, they all need attending to.