Are you hanging on tightly to everything? Your money, your bad relationship, all the clothes in your over-stuffed wardrobe? Unhelpful thoughts about yourself? You’re keeping everything in its place because if you let go, your whole world might fall apart. Maybe you don’t even realise how tightly you are hanging on to the things in your life but there’s a constant sense of upkeep and scarcity, which, if you let yourself take the time to think about it, is exhausting.

Everything needs to be in its place and when it’s not, you get antsy. But what would happen if you let go?

Holding tightly onto everything keeps your energy and your focus on those things and doesn’t allow you to be free flowing and flexible.

When you’re not free-flowing and flexible it means your life won’t be either.  When you maintain too much rigidity, the things and experiences that you really want, will not be able to come into your life like better relationships, jobs, life circumstances.

We set up a world for ourselves that allows little room for movement and growth. Then wonder why things are slow to change and life isn’t turning out how we thought it would.

When you understand that our brain is wired to keep us safe and likes familiar things, it makes sense that we try and keep things the same around us and have control over everything. That was helpful back in our early ancestors’ days but not so much now that we have more independence and agency over our lives. Our primitive brains keep us stuck in a world where we can’t grow and create.

When you learn how to manage this part of your brain, you can override what’s keeping you stuck in a controlling cycle and learn to let go. When you learn that it is safe to let go, you can focus on what truly inspires you, what you want to create in your life and how to go beyond the normal routine of everyday life. The routine that feels safe and familiar but keeps you from being the real You.

Letting go is trusting. Trusting that there is another way. Trusting that something bigger than you will be there to catch you at the moment you think you will fall. Trusting in yourself that you will be ok.

Letting go is a step towards change and an advanced way of being. Coaching helps speed up the process.

Tell yourself daily: it is safe to let go and see what opportunities, possibilities and new ways of thinking open up for you.

If you want to fly, you will need to let go.