How many times have you heard ‘just choose your thoughts’ because ‘it’s the road to success’.

This may be true,


There’s a critical step that must come before being able to do that so that choosing your thoughts becomes an effortless process.

It’s leaning into hard emotions.

Whatever it is you want to choose on, you must sit with the opposite of that very thing.

Sit with the feeling that the unwanted thought produces.

If you don’t sit with it, you’re not able to truly choose because you’re too emotionally connected and driven by NOT wanting to FEEL the thing you’re avoiding.

You’re too emotionally invested in NOT feeling that feeling because you don’t want to.

Because it hurts.

So you cannot choose from a clean place when an unwanted thought arises that you want to change.

You’re emotionally biased.

But when you sit with it, if you sit with the hard emotion enough times, you’re no longer afraid of feeling it.

When you can do this and your brain pipes up with the unwanted thought, you can choose not to think it and think something else, but you are not choosing from a place of avoidance.

Instead you’re choosing from a genuine place of choice.

A place where it doesn’t matter which way you go because you’re not afraid of how either one feels.

And then why wouldn’t you choose the better feeling one, the one that will move you closer to what you want.

It’s an easy choice.

You can choose your thoughts from willpower, yes, and that’s probably how you’ve been doing it, but that’s the hard way.

The easy way is to do the hard work first by sitting with the emotion, that’s when choosing your thoughts becomes more effortless.

Ironically, by feeling bad, that’s when life gets a lot more pleasant.

That’s when you CAN ‘just choose your thoughts’.

That’s when you give yourself the greatest power in the world.