Leadership Program

Leadership Coaching Program


You can put aside your leadership textbooks and forget the fishbone and rocket models for a while.



Exceptional leadership comes from someone who is being a great leader, rather than doing what a leader does.



The majority of leadership education, training and improvement programs today focus on the doing but for permanent change to occur and to get someone being, takes a very different approach.



A change in being will always, by default, result in a change in doing. But it does not work the other way around.



This program works 1:1 with the leader and the foundation of the program is based on changing who you are being



It is like nothing you have ever done before. If you’re ready to try a new way of leadership, book a free consult call here.

This work is for brave leaders who are ready 
for a new way of leading.

What’s so different about this program?


True Self Mastery


True self-mastery will be the hardest thing you ever do and the best thing you ever do. 


This is what brave leaders are all about. 


They are the ones prepared to face all of the challenges in an organization but the bravest of leaders are prepared to face something even more challenging: 

their own Self.


What results is an incredibly powerful version of you. One that can withstand whatever comes your way. This version of you is the one that will: 

If you want to achieve the impossible in your role as a leader, dare to take the path of self-mastery.

It’s the ultimate experience.


If you’re curious about how this works, book a free consult call here 

Most leaders don’t know how to effectively:

Address the self-sabotaging behavior of their team members – because they don’t know how to address it in themselves.

Look into the origin of their team members’ conflict to resolve issues – because they don’t know how to look into the origin of their own conflict and resolve it in themselves.

Work with their staff’s unconscious survival states which affects their behaviour at work – because they’re not aware of their own survival state or how to address it in themselves.

It’s leadership in a brand new way.

Building a Highly Engaged Team

Your Big Why

Maybe you and your organization have your BIG WHY but if you don’t know the HOW of addressing all the human conditioning that is going to get in the way of the WHY, you’re going to slow down faster than you think.


This leadership coaching program directly addresses these factors.

Your big WHY is inspiring and it’s motivating. It also comes from the executive functioning part of your brain. The planning, analyzing and goal-setting part. 


There’s a lot of excitement around finding and setting your WHY but we don’t hear so much on the obstacles that will get in the way of taking the actions that are driven by the WHY.



Getting to the root of the obstacles and addressing the problems found here is where we unlock the potential of the team.

By the end of this program, you will:






In addition to the coaching program, you will be given a seat in the Positive Intelligence 7-week app-based coaching program. 


This is a world-renowned, multi-million dollar program designed by Shirzad Chamine and has been attended by thousands of leaders. 


Shirzad is a New York Times bestselling author, Stanford lecturer and Chairman of CTI, the largest coach-training organization in the world. CTI has trained coaches and managers in most of the Fortune 500 companies, as well as faculty at Stanford and Yale business schools.


The positive intelligence (PQ) program will build your mental fitness and provide guidance in the most supportive of ways. It will complement your leadership journey and help you uncover your biggest self-sabotaging behaviors and how to switch to self-mastery.


Weekly videos will help you feel inspired and energized and short daily app-guided practice sessions will keep you on track. The videos and exercises are bite-sized to fit into your busy schedule. This program will fast-track your journey to transformational leadership. 

Leadership Coaching. For Brave New Leaders.

Start your new leadership journey and build a highly engaged team


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