Do you find it difficult to know what decision to make?

In your business? In your life?

The stories running on a loop in your head are what’s making it difficult.

Your conditioned self with the limiting beliefs you have make it difficult.

The framework of society’s rules and expectations make it difficult.

How then to choose the right thing?

Connecting with the wisdom in your body, where your authentic self lies, where your true nature and true desires reside is part of the How.

When you really start listening to the language of your body and have the courage to follow through on what you need to do, all decisions become easier.

You stop overeating when you listen to your body.

You get to work when you listen to your body.

You address relationship issues when you listen to your body.

You make big, bold, brave decisions when you listen to your body.

And, you make them for the right reasons.

But how do you do this? When all we’ve been taught is to ignore the body’s messages, how do we now start to listen?

Learning to get quiet and more comfortable with the sensations that arise is the how.

When you learn this skill, you’ll be surprised at the flow-on effect this has in your life around triggering situations and decisions that previously had you sitting on the fence.

Stop for a moment today and see if you can connect with that internal wisdom and be ready and accepting of what it has to say.