Love, life and living. Are you doing it right?

If the television series Sex and the City was your thing, you probably felt a lot of love, life and living going on there in New York City. Women living big, bold, bright lives with fabulous outfits, amazing careers, beautiful lovers and solid friendships. 

We often choose to get an idea of what life should look like and whether we are doing ours right by comparing ours to other peoples.

Hot tip: this never usually ends well. 

This is because our brains are always seeking evidence of whether we fit in to make sure we remain a part of the group. Back in the day, it was essential to our survival to remain connected as a member of the group.

Today though, we are much more independent and generally, we no longer need the groups approval. We can survive in the world using our own resources. 

Unfortunately, our brain never got the memo.

This leaves us feeling unfulfilled and never good enough – despite all the things we have achieved and are able to manage on our own.

In the extreme state, we live in survival mode, never fully enjoying our lives because we’re always trying to keep up; we compare, we don’t truly choose for ourselves, we’re always on the lookout. We think the new dress will make things better and it does for a while but then we need another one. 

We’re always one step behind and believe that one more thing will take us closer. Better clothes, better jewellery, better brows!

But here’s the thing, wondering if you are truly ‘Doing it right’ doesn’t even become a question when you live from an internal sense of completeness. Because you just know. You are content. You are enough. 

We can’t access this place until we stop comparing and stop looking to outside people, places or things to confirm this uncertainty about ourselves and our lives. 

How can you do this? 

By uncovering what is going on inside your brain. Because it all starts there. Accessing your own power over what you choose to think will change your life. Our thoughts about our lives can be whatever we want them to be and when we discover this, life becomes bigger, bolder and brighter. Just like how we see it on the screen, but for real. 

It’s powerful work.  

Join me and come to a place of love, life and living where you know you are doing it right.