Tell me about your dreams for the future. Are they big dreams?

Or maybe they’re modest but it’s all you truly want out of life.

Now, tell me what steps you are taking to get there.

Maybe you’re taking some small steps towards these goals and dreams right now.

But will it be enough?

Perhaps you’re waiting until something changes in your life or until you get better at whatever it is you need to get good at.

Maybe you keep thinking that one day it will happen, you just need to work out how.

It’s frustrating because it feels like things are moving too slowly.

And when there is little progress, you wonder if it will ever happen at all.

What if I told you that you don’t have to wait for anything to change in your external life for you to start moving towards your dreams and goals?

Think about a goal you have. You know it’s out there, you know it’s possible, you believe in it – for the most part.

But tell me, do you believe in yourself?


You believe in your goal but do you believe in yourself?

Because we often believe the goal can happen, but don’t believe in the person who will be the only one who can achieve it – which is YOU.

If you set this goal, will you do whatever it takes to get there?

Will you try and fail and try and fail and keep going until you get it right?

Will you back yourself 100% of the way?

Will you pick yourself up every time you fall down?

Will you trust that you, the person you are right now, will be the one to take you all the way through to the end?

Exactly how you’ll reach your goals and dreams can seem vague if you don’t focus on believing in the person who is going to achieve them.

When you shift your focus to believe in yourself as the one who will achieve the goal, you start doing what it takes.

You no longer think ‘one day’, instead you think ‘day one’.

You start trying out new ideas, you start seeing new possibilities, you start committing to doing hard things.

These are the steps that will take you there.

Start believing in the person who will achieve the goal.

If you need help believing and want to fast-track your way there, find yourself a coach, this is exactly what they will help you do.