Some days it seems like the life we imagined we would have is so far away and completely out of reach. All the best intentions we had to start yoga this year, eat healthier, stop nit-picking the husband and kids, it’s all hopeless. You feel like you’ll never get there.

You ask yourself, why am I like this? Why can’t I get my life together? It shouldn’t be that hard, I can see it in my mind, exactly how it should be. Sometimes we manage for a while and pull it together but then something happens and it all unravels again.

It’s a see-saw of feeling great when you’re sticking to your plans and then feeling down when all of your same old problems, quirks and habits show up again.

You’ve probably tried many different things to stop the cycle, like arming yourself with knowledge from self-help books, new diet books and meditation programs.

But I’m guessing they haven’t worked so far…

If you don’t figure this out, what does that mean your life will look like? A never-ending cycle of trying and then going back to your old ways, trying and going back, trying and going back, ad infinitum. How exhausting.

So what is it really that is standing in the way of the life you want?

It’s probably not what you’re thinking. It’s nothing outside of you, nothing in your environment. It’s not your fast-paced life, your husband, your kids, your job, your schedule.

It is: your brain.

It’s what is going on inside your brain.

There is a battle going on in there and that is what is standing in the way of the life that you want.

You have patterning and programming that have developed over your life-time and they are embedded deep in the subconscious part of the brain.

As humans, we also have a part of the brain where we do all of our thinking and planning and decision making. When your thinking brain decides it wants to do something good for you, like get healthier, you truly believe you can do this and that you will stick to it. But eventually, the powerful subconscious programming takes over and you are back where you started again.

This is the cycle we’re all on.

But what if I told you that you have within your possession the ability to create the life you want just by understanding and managing your mind?

What if you understood the power of your subconscious mind and how it’s keeping you in old patterns for at least 90% of your day. What if you understood that the thinking part of your brain is the one where you come up with all of your plans and dreams. And what if you learnt to understand and see the battle going on between the two?

When you understand what is going on in your mind, and learn how to manage it, you gain control over the way you are living your life. You make new choices that will lead you to the results that you truly want.

You’ll change your food habits, your relationships habits, the way you show up in life. You’ll start being more compassionate towards others and less reactive to situations that previously triggered you. This journey of learning how to manage your mind is one that will leave you with more freedom than you ever imagined.

The only thing standing in the way of the life you want is your own brain.

And guess what that means?

It’s great news: it means the control is completely in your hands to create the life you want.

Join me on the journey of managing your mind and creating the life you truly want.