The problem is not that you don’t know, the problem is that you think you need to.

When you realise that you’re not meant to know and that nobody else does either, you are free to start making your own way.

We’re told that we need to know. We wished we knew. We try to think our way to knowing. But what if there was a different way.

You don’t need to know because Life knows. Connect with the Life within you, your Source, your Soul and that will be your guide.

Life is spontaneous, it’s flirtatious, the not-knowing can be fun – if you let it.

Know with your intuition. If you are building your business and trying to know how you’re going to get to the end goal consider whether that is helpful or not.

Thinking that you need to know consumes valuable thinking energy, it causes a threat response in your body, and it doesn’t allow full access to the flow of creativity within you.

You don’t need to know all the steps. Just the very next one.

Reconsider that maybe it’s ok not to know.

Let go and ‘don’t know’.