On the days when you feel like you can’t anymore,

You could:  (pick one)

1) numb out with food, alcohol, Netflix

2) check yourself into an institution

3) take it as an opportunity to see where you’re not aligned

I know, checking into an institution sounds pretty good sometimes.

When you’re in the depths of ‘I can’t anymore’, you’ve depleted your energies through worrying about and doing what you: believe you should be doing.

But feeling like you ‘can’t anymore’ is also a golden moment.

It’s your higher-self speaking to you.

Don’t numb it by over-indulging.

Don’t disregard it by whipping yourself and hammering out your schedule anyway.

Don’t distract yourself by procrastinating.

And especially, don’t wallow in negative thoughts all day about yourself and listen to them instead of listening to your higher-self.

All of this only prolongs the suffering and shuts down the opportunity to receive the message.

The feeling that you ‘can’t anymore’ is a clue that you’re not aligned with your authentic self.

Instead of ignoring the message, take this chance to dive into what’s not feeling right in your life and where you need to make changes.

Then, find yourself a coach.

A coach will help you work through everything that is keeping you from making the changes (otherwise you would have done it already).

And they will help you make the change sustainable.

Next time you feel like you ‘can’t anymore’, remind yourself that you CAN take a moment to listen to what your higher self is trying tell you and you CAN consider the possibility that it’s in your power to do something about it.