There’s no rush in nature, why are you rushing?

We’ve moved so far away from the flow of nature. We push, pull, force and control.

But all it’s done is taken us further away from the peaceful life of abundance we’re looking for.

How can nature never rush? And what would happen if you didn’t either?

If you dropped the hustle in your business and in your life, what would that be like?

It sounds good but our primitive brains make it difficult to do.

They’re all about survival and making sure we have ‘enough’.

But nature knows the present moment is all there is and there is abundance all around in that moment.

When you calm your nervous system so it no longer functions only in survival mode and tap into your true self, you can access your own source of abundance.

You are here to create, you are here to be you, you are here to experience beauty.

There is freedom in not rushing.

When you slow down to see the beauty of this and start to see beauty all around you, abundance enters.

The paradox is that when you become still and sit with what is, you get closer to what you want faster.

Got no idea what I’m talking about or how to do this – but would like to?

The Ultimate Experience program may be for you.