Work with me

Build a cohesive team so your bottom line improves and your people feel better at work.


If you believe that your KPI’s, innovation, efficiency, productivity and culture would be improved if your people were motivated and interested, you’re in the right place.


With 15 years experience in running a business with staff, I know what’s required to bring people together so they feel more connected, accepted and in turn, show up more engaged and committed to their employer.

Does any of this sound familiar?

KPI’s not met

Your team knows what to do yet there are constant issues that require your intervention and micromanagement to meet KPI’s.

High staff turnover

Your staff keep leaving or you can’t find the right people so you replace them. In either case, regular staff turnover results in a huge cost to the company and can be a big draw on your time.

Low productivity

Despite having all the processes in place and an understanding on production output requirements, you always have to closely monitor projects to ensure they will be finished on time.

Poor communication

Although it appears that everyone knows what the goal is and what needs to happen to achieve it, people rarely think ahead and take initiative to communicate crucial information that impacts timeframes and work quality. 

I’ve developed a program especially for leaders like you to bring out the best in their people and build a highly-engaged team.



My winning three-element strategy has been designed to evolve your leadership skills to the next level and take you on a journey of self-mastery which is the key to building a highly-engaged team.



I will take you through a process where you will learn to see all situations in a new way and create an environment for your staff so they begin to drop the behaviour that is having a negative impact on daily outcomes.



You’ll learn tools that you can use everyday, in every situation.



I will support you and coach you through staff and workplace issues as well as on the overwhelm, stress and anxiety that comes with being in a leadership role.



I combine 15 years experience as a business owner and employer with my life coaching certification from The Life Coach School to provide a fresh perspective and brand new style of leadership.


I will help you to…

Create a new culture

Learn how to create a culture where people feel valued.

Retain staff

Develop skills to bring out the best in your team so they become valuable members and choose to stay.

Improve productivity

Identify what the members of your team need in order to be functioning at their best.

Refine your communication

Develop an understanding of human behaviour and how to tailor your approach to have a positive impact on staff engagement.

How does it work?


You’ll receive one on one coaching with me via Zoom. I will teach you the tools you need for self-mastery and coach you through the week’s biggest obstacles. We will go at your pace and address the most pressing issues. The coaching will be uniquely tailored to your situation and requirements.

Not sure if you need a leadership coach?


Leadership positions don’t always come with training and even when they do, they’re usually an action-based doing type of training instead of a being type of training.

I saw it in my MBA degree and I’ve seen it in events, seminars and talks by professional speakers.


I witnessed it first-hand when I hired a leadership coach for my own company, only to watch the culture and my team revert back to pre-coaching days in a matter of weeks.


Your team may be operating at 60-70% and producing results but what would happen if you committed to a new style of leadership that would allow them to show up in ways they never have before.


Building a highly engaged team is entirely possible when you focus on up-leveling your skills as a leader.


If the culture and business outcomes have been stagnating or if you want to go from good to great, it’s time to bring in a leadership coach. 


I know what’s required to build the team you’re looking for and I can teach this to YOU.

You might be thinking ‘I don’t have the time’.


I get it. Leaders are busy people. But what are you busy with?




If it’s micromanaging, putting out fires and damage control, taking the time to up-level your skills and build a culture of commitment, value and engagement could be the most important thing you do with your time.




If you were freed up to focus on your leadership role without having to manage dis-engaged people, you would have more time for innovation, growth and company development.

Will it be worth it?


If you don’t currently have the highly-engaged team that will hit KPI’s, reduce your sick day and staff turnover rates and improve productivity, you could keep trying harder at doing the same things.


But, for anything to really change, you have to do something different.


This program is about changing who you are BEING, not what you are DOING

This is about reprogramming your brain to be the brain of a leader.



With my expertise in this field, you will evolve to become a higher version of yourself as a leader. 


You will evolve and grow and…

we will have fun.


The program is about more than leadership. This program is about self-mastery. 

The leader you become will change not only your leadership style and ability but how you live your life.


This is about reprogramming yourself so you are being a leader, it will impact all of the relationships around you, starting with your team.



If you have a passion for good leadership and are ready to become the best leader you can be, I invite you to invest in yourself so you can build the highly-engaged team you want. 

Leadership Coaching. The New Way. 


For brave leaders.