About Nancy

About Nancy


Hi! I’m Nancy Wehnert and my journey in leadership started almost 20 years ago when I set up and established a company in an industrial sector with my business partner. 



Over a period of a few years as the company doubled in turnover every year, I went from having no staff to employing a team of up to 30. 



During this time I witnessed all types of leadership styles along the entire supply chain network. I saw first-hand the results of what excellent, average and poor leadership produced and the flow-on effects of each. 



Most companies fell somewhere in the middle but the effects of mediocre leadership still resulted in a high cost to the company. 

A Desire for Good Leadership


I had never been a leader before and it’s true that it did not come naturally to me at that time. I lacked good leadership skills and everything was learnt on the job, mostly by trial and error.



As many leaders know, whether stepping into this role by default as a business owner or whether by promotion, it’s very often a position that doesn’t come with training. 



I had an innate sense of what good leadership looked like however and found myself extremely frustrated that I could not translate what I knew in my bones to practical leadership skills that would result in the highly engaged, cohesive team that I visualized.



So, I hired a leadership consultant. 



Soon after the program finished, things went back to the way they had been. 


This story is repeated over and over in organisations all around the world, every day.

My Journey of Self Mastery


During the final years at my company, I completed my MBA and learnt more about the theories and models of leadership – text-book style.


At the same time, through coaching my supervisors, I saw the potential of how people could be managed and led in a way that didn’t come from textbooks but from genuine engagement and connection.


Enjoying the coaching process so much, I began training at The Life Coach School, considered to be the ‘Ivy League’ of coaching schools. Soon after, I left my company to pursue a career in Life Coaching. 


It was here that my journey of true self-mastery began and I came to know how it was possible to revolutionize leadership. 

A New Style of Leadership


We are in desperate need of good leadership. 

The world is shifting to a stage where our old systems are collapsing. It feels terrifying because it means we’re entering uncertain terrain but it gives us the opportunity to rebuild in a new way. 

At the same time, people are realizing more than ever that something is missing in their lives and they can’t ignore it any longer. 

There are people all around the world feeling the effects of poor leadership every single day.

It’s time to make a difference and transform the way we lead. 

I help leaders and organizations do exactly that.  
I invite you to become part of the movement to revolutionise leadership.

Work with me to….

Become a brave leader

Navigate your role as leader in an entirely new way

Start being a leader, not doing leadership 

Tap into your full leadership potential

Build a highly-engaged workforce

Identify and address self-sabotaging behaviours in yourself and your team