Nancy Wehnert


MBA, Certified Life Coach


I help people connect with who they really are and live that life to their true potential.


We all have an inner voice guiding us, telling us what to do. But for many of us, we slowly shut out that voice for the sake of fitting in and doing the ‘right thing’ what ‘is expected of us’, or what we think life, or society demands.


For periods in our lives, that voice may seem like it has completely disappeared, and we are left navigating the world without that trusted inner compass. Instead, we look to outside influences and external signposts that do not resonate with our true self at all.


Other times we hear the voice, quietly nudging at us, yet we disregard it for the sake of keeping up appearances and what we think is the right thing to do.


Learn to listen to that voice and how to follow it, to become more authentic, to become YOU.

How can I help you to be the best in yourself?


Work with me and find the courage to become You.


Discover more of yourself, connect with that part of you that feels pushed down, hidden and unreachable.


Discover your inner strength so you can:


and BECOMING the AUTHENTIC version of you

Nancy Wehnert Coaching Programs

Contact me today for a free one-hour consultation to find out how we can bridge the gap from here you are to where you want to be.

Nancy Wehnert Coaching Programs

Contact me today for a free one-hour consultation to find out how we can bridge the gap from here you are to where you want to be.

General Life Coaching


Gain the support and strategies you need to live more intentionally and set course towards achieving your life goals.



Improve your mindset to become the leader within. Gain confidence to communicate and inspire.




Understand your personal inner truths and the awareness journey ahead. Enjoy less stress, and a more peaceful mind along the way.


What Nancy’s clients are saying

What is life coaching?

It’s little wonder that in the world of life coaching, there is a lot of talk about authenticity. 

It is a life goal we all have – being authentic – the best in ourselves that we can be – happy each day, living the best possible life we can imagine for ourselves. 

Sounds easy, doesn’t it? Actually, it sounds really hard for me! Can you relate? And how do you know where to begin?


It is not always easy to overcome the negativity in your mind and to set a course to become a more positive, happy, and satisfied person.


If this is your goal, then life coaching can help.


Think of a life coach as your own wellness professional, there to support you to make the progress you want to make in your life to be more fulfilled. A trusted adviser whom you can trust, well, with your life.


Life coaches are an investment in making our lives better, in many ways, whether it be an aid to improve our relationships, careers, or day-to-day lives.

A good life coach is professionally trained to ask the right questions to help clients understand who they really are, and who they want to become.

These days, most professional life coaches offer their services to clients all over the world, via digital face to face, real-time communication.


In creating these strategies, life coaches target your unique skills and gifts to help you set achievable and measurable goals that lead to the vision of your self that you want to achieve.


Many life coaches have certain speciality areas in which they assist clients, such as weight loss. Others offer a broad range of assistance depending on what their clients require.


Nancy Wehnert Life Coaching offers three distinctive life coaching packages to help you achieve your goals sooner.

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